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We create websites and books that showcase your own stories to boost reputation and turn readers into believers (and buyers).


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“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.”
– Steven King


Your clients rave about you – now tell everyone else

Want more (or better) clients, referrals & opportunities?  

Legend Pro helps personal brand businesses share their success stories to boost brand awareness, increase reputation & multiply business results without wasting time and money on social media and paid ads.

Easily collect & share your success stories
Story System instantly gives your business the ability to collect authentic testimonials & success stories from your audience & share them at stories.yourbrand.com
Multiply your best referrals
Referrals are the absolute best way to boost your business but before now it's been a lot of work & taken a long time. Now your word of mouth marketing machine runs by itself!
Turn prospective buyers into believers
Get more marketing results faster when your website makes the perfect first impression & instantly turns prospective buyers into believers

Take control of your own story

What do you want to be known for? Legend Project helps individuals clarify, collect, craft & share stories that create & elevate their reputation.

We publish your stories online to polish your reputation so you look great when someone Google’s your name. Want to impress on the page of your own business card book? We do that too.

Professionals: Attract better opportunities & advance your career
Strengthen your reputation, your network and secure bigger opportunities
Influencers: Don't let Google tell the world who you are
If you aren't actively writing your own story, rest assured Google & the media already is, and you won't like how that story ends. It's time to take control of your own reputation.
Entrepreneurs: Get better deals done faster
Perception is everything and leverage is priceless. Boost your reputation to give yourself the edge.

Everyone has a story worth sharing

It's your life, it's your legacy. You get to decide what you are known & remembered for.

We help you clarify, collect & craft your best stories in hours not years. Then we publish them on your own Story Site website & your own book to inspire, educate & empower.

Stories have shaped culture & inspired action since our ancestors discovered fire. Spark action in the next generation and share your stories to give them the priceless gift of a head start on success.

Clarify, collect & craft your best stories in hours not years
Your stories live forever on the screen & the page to inspire, educate & empower the next generation
Publish your stories where future generations pay attention – on the screen
Kids don't read books anymore. If you want impact, you must be where their attention is – on the screen
Your book preserves your legacy forever
Holding your stories, your life lessons, in your hand is magical. It turns your words into an impressive object of ongoing impact.
“I'm speechless! My expectations were high but I never imagined my own stories could look this amazing.”
Joe B.
Chairman, Developer & Philanthropist

Featured Story Sites

Elevating influence through story demands more than just a website – you need a Story Site. Here's some examples to show what's possible.
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Movement Story Site
Movement Story Site
Legend Group's #BeLegendary movement curating the path to mastery. Features stories from famous heroes & legends to inspire & empower the next greatest generation.
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Personal Story Site
Personal Story Site
Successful businessman, philanthropist and photographer wanted to control what Google showed when searching his name. Increasing his influence with a Legend Project has helped attract higher level deals and close them faster.
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Professional Story Site
Professional Story Site
Specialist surgeon wanted to showcase his expertise & connect with his patients on a personal level by sharing both patient success and personal stories. We helped him identify his ideal patient type, most profitable service & build his reputation as "Fort Worth's hernia specialist" among his medical peers to boost referrals so he can work less, make more and have more time off.
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Movement Story Site
Movement Story Site
Site concept to showcase stories of hope and heart from Music City around the #NashvilleStrong movement. Featuring branded merch supporting local merchants, artists & charities as well as connecting disaster trauma victims with mental health resources to help the community stay strong.
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Personal Story Site
Personal Story Site
Award-winning visionary and philanthropist wanted to showcase her recognitions online and shine the spotlight on the causes she cares about.
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Brand Story Site
Brand Story Site
Leading dog health app wanted to increase brand awareness by grabbing attention with heartwarming dog stories and focusing the spotlight on dog charities through their #bestfriendbestlife movement.

Let's Share Your Stories Together

Elevating influence through story demands more than just a website – you need a Story Site. Here's some examples to show what's possible.

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"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values & agenda of an entire generation that is to come."

– Steve Jobs
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