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"I've been hoping to find this! I stay focused on promoting my brand and they do the rest - digital products, partners, marketing and more."

AJ, Author & Co-Founder

What¬†We Do¬†‚§ĶÔłé

Let's build your digital product business together

Our 4 step process¬†helps experts, influencers & thought leaders transform¬†message ūüďĘ into money ūüí鬆by selling ultra profitable & scalable digital products.

  • 1¬†¬†Create online courses + campaigns

    Profit Pillar #1 is turning your $20 book into a $200 or $2,000 online masterclass. No book? No problem. We can use podcasts, videos, speeches & more. Then engage your audience with AI-powered email campaigns until they buy & beyond.

  • 2¬†¬†Launch a¬†private membership

    Keep all your exclusive content in a¬†private vault with tiered access for free and paying members only¬†‚Äď kind of¬†like your own patreon.com plus so much more. Reward your members with digital merch, higher access to you & more to keep them paying attention.

  • 3¬†¬†Design new revenue streams

    Explore our playbook of monetization strategies and tactics to level up your passive & active Profit Pillar income sources then grow your Power Partner network to sell more without more work through affiliates.

  • 4¬†¬†Quit¬†your expert "job" & build¬†an Expert Empire

    If you're stuck trading time for money you've created a job, not a business! An Expert Empire makes money on autopilot selling infinitely scalable, insanely profitable digital products & more. 

Explore how we can help

Legend Media // Thought Leader Marketing + More

Who we help¬†‚§ĶÔłé

Own your most valuable asset¬†‚Äď your audience ūüôĆ

Reach your audience¬†any and every time with email ‚Äď without a social platform holding them hostage ‚Äď to get more subscribers, reviews, sales, money & results.

  • Experts & Thought Leaders

    Teach & sell what you know online

    & stop trading time for money with traveling speaking gigs 

  • Influencers

    Be uncancelable! Don't risk social platforms limiting your business & 

    reach every subscriber with every post

  • Creators

    Make more money with new revenue streams & offer your audience more access & products

  • Podcasters & YouTubers

    Make more money with new revenue streams & get more reviews & subscribers with email reminders

  • Authors

    Announce your next release to every past buyer & make more money by turning your books into profitable online courses

  • Coaches

    Start scaling your business & stop trading time for money with courses, virtual group coaching, your own coaching app & more

Serve, sell & grow your audience

Work less, make more¬†‚Ästhere's how ūüĎá

Grab our Expert Empire blueprint where we break down the top monetization models of 7 figure personal brand businesses or call for your personalized strategy session.

Get the¬†roadmap to 7 figures¬†‚§ĶÔłé


Unlock top experts' money-making secrets

See how the masters¬†maximize & monetize their message ūüĎá

  • Influencer business model break downs

    Learn the exact strategies used by the best in the business to build their Empires

  • Every Profit Pillar revenue stream experts use

    Incredibly detailed notes on all the ways experts are making money today

  • Product portfolios that work

    Hundreds of examples of how to deliver results at every price point

  • Much more

    Hope this helps you build your Expert Empire!

Now it's your turn


Build Your Expert Empire¬†‚§ĶÔłé

Stop trading time for money, work less & make more

Most thought leaders feel overwhelmed without¬†the time or expertise to optimize monetization¬†‚Äď and their reputation and sales suffer. It's time for change.

Create once, sell unlimited

We'll create, market, sell & manage your digital products online

Design the ultimate business with infinite scalability and ultra high profits.

  • Multiply profits, not headaches

    Digital products sell 24/7/365 with near 100% profit and near zero cost.

  • Serve your audience at a higher level

    Give them a higher level of transformation & results without taking more of your time.

  • Don't miss out on this $325 billion opportunity

    Online education is skyrocketing to a $325 billion market by 2025 (forbes.com) ‚Äď you're next.

Sell your mind, not your time

Your new revenue streams¬†‚§ĶÔłé

Attract your audience with a magnetic product portfolio

There's only 3 ways to make more money ‚Äď sell more stuff to more buyers more often. Which Profit Pillar business models are you missing out on?


  • Online Courses

    Turn your $20 book into a $200 or $2,000 course to sell your expertise

  • Digital Products

    Create once, sell unlimited ‚Äď digital products are¬†the ultimate high margin, ultra scalable products

  • Partnerships

    Sell more with your "affiliate army" of partners who help each other win ‚Äď cross promotions, sponsors, affiliate sales & more

  • Certification & Job Board

    Sell a certification program for your curriculum & connect students with employer sponsors. 


  • Private Membership

    Keep all your exclusive content in a "vault of awesomeness" for members only that attracts free & paid subscribers

  • Coaching & Community

    Unlock more transformation for your audience with one to one & group coaching, private communities, mastermind groups & more

  • Business¬†Consulting

    Deliver real results for business clients with advanced training, services & more

  • Speaking & Events

    Transform audiences with virtual and real world keynotes, collaborate with other experts on speaking panels, virtual summits & more

Sell more insanely profitable products

Your new¬†marketing machine¬†‚§ĶÔłé

Stop struggling & start selling

Create a marketing and sales flywheel that continuously transforms lookers into buyers while you stay focused on you.


Sell smarter

AI-powered marketing that turns leads into sales on autopilot

The fortune is in the follow up. Automatically stay connected with customers & offer the perfect product at the perfect time. 

  • Designed specifically for personal brand internet businesses

    Get an automated marketing and sales platform where everything "just works" so you can scale your company without scaling complexity.

  • The right tool for every job

    Everything works together: sales pages, sales funnels, shopping carts, email campaigns, memberships, courses, analytics & much more

  • We're here to help

    Get access to our entire monetization team without the headaches of managing employees or wrangling freelancers.

Everything to sell your superpowers online

‚ÄúI'm loving this! Daniel's insights are getting me much better results (and quicker) than I've ever gotten before. My business is finally unstuck and growing again.‚ÄĚ

Tony B.

Author, Finance Authority & Expert Empire Client

Legend Media // Thought Leader Marketing + More


Let's¬†work together¬†‚§ĶÔłé

  • 1

    Courses & Coaching

    Stop guessing and start getting results. Perfect for the DIYer who wants advice + accountability and is capable of doing the work themselves.

  • 2

    Done For You Services

    Do what you do best and leave the rest to us. Get an outsourced monetization advisor plus a digital marketing "integrator" to keep your marketing machine running smoothly. You provide the thought leader content and promotion. Service plans generally start at $4,000/ month for business growth and $2,000/ month for ongoing management.


  • 3

    Revenue Share Projects

    We're on the same team to maximize your profitability & win bigger together!¬†On the call we'll go over the big ideas¬†and go from there. Best for partners with a large audience, but if you're small & growing, don't worry ‚Äď we can¬†combine¬†a lower¬†service plan plus a rev share to start building your Empire that pays for itself.

Meet¬†Legend Media ‚ėÖ¬†‚§ĶÔłé


Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett

My mission is creating the next greatest generation.

How? By teaching them what they should know.


I created Legend Media to help experts & influencers scale their superpowers and monetize their message with online education + more.


Influencers are experts in grabbing attention, not keeping a digital marketing machine running to grow your audience & business on autopilot.


That's why we're better together ‚Äď keep doing what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Founder, Legend Media ‚ėÖ



117+ Projects

5+ Years Experience

2,223+ Hours 

What they're saying

‚ÄúMy expectations were high but I never imagined it would be like this!‚ÄĚ

Joseph B.

Author & Real Estate Authority

"I knew turning my book into online courses would add credibility plus a much bigger revenue stream. What I didn't know was how much I needed the accountability! Legend Media did in 3 weeks what I couldn't do myself in 3 years - finally launch my e-learning platform. That's a HUGE win for my audience and my business!"

Jim S.

Author & Business Consultant


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